Skazany na gory NEW

New my book was edited in Poland. I was very glad to go by car from Bergamo on long distance, getting some exersizes by the way. Finally it were magic days in Warsaw, that I spend with Partycja manager of Agor Edition.
She was taking care about many datails, control a lot of deals. Thanks to her attention I was living into the hotel Radisson in Warsaw's center.
Books always gave me a fun experience. I was filled with literature. Days and nights spent flipping through all caught on eyes. https://www.facebook.com/WYDAWNICTWOAGORA/posts/1742974292407940
With a Cup of tea and a couple of gingerbread, I managed to "fall into the story" in the corner of the kitchen when the rest of apartment belonged to my sister.
Some times mother used to swear in a fit of despair:
- Drinking like a tickle! Until morning from-for the table not go out. Strabismus will. What about school at tomorrow?!
Yes, the text was hard to break away. So I drew the Cup to my face from the side so as not to obstruct the page. And therefore right eye I'm now seeing the worst of the left.
Than I was able to drive in Ostrow Wielkopolski for the nice meeting, organizing by Info-Global.
The boss of this company Dariusz still keep attention from Kazakhstan since many years for my actions. His biutiful assistant Agnieszka was writing me by russian languagge since 6 years, and we meet finally in Ostrow. It was interesting cooperation of two specialists, and I felt as a local polish citizen.

I want just send you information:
Book "Skazany na gory" is on 11 position total in Poland, and on 1 position in category of biography.
And still going up.

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