From mountains to gim and back.

From Cremona arrived for ascents Nicolay Kamyshenkov. We find solution in such a difficult avalanche risky condition of Valcanale. And passed South ridge of annamed (on maps) mountain about 2000 m. At the last part we were blocked by the huge snow mashroom, and turned back.
Mentality covering the Desire. But for the next years is nice possibility to spend exercizes with friends. Even in extremally dangerouse condition. Just important to remember about rope belay in correct moments.
"Valcanale Team" still well related for me and crasy alpine progects. At the evening we were fighting on the little corner over the door. And Nicolay won against of me and Marco, I lost against of everyone.

Became sad, but friendly relation turned me to the happiness. In any case climbing gave pleasure - in Gim even. Because are chances for self exploration everywhere. Just to press mentality and the muscules - to be on the blade of personal ability every moment.
After few days I was seeting into the aircraft again. It were interesting requests about cooperation in Poland. Visit to Warsaw became a pleasant holiday between passionated pressure in Italy.
Some time not enough time for trainings even. But I was able to find it shortly. And spend with Boguslaw and other friends by the way between towns.
In any case life is going positively. In front of tasty cakes of pani Renata Magrel especially Questions became realised step by step. The body became more appresciated for the rock climbing.
Organisation for the next progects is going on correct way. And even weather looks more positively from the bottom of Valcanale in this days. Massimo passed me foto as a "Ciao" from Italian mountains.

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