44-13 and 45-14

In Himalayas is wet air coming. May be it is monsoon? The first wave of it was exactly at the end of our expedition. I broke the attempt of Dmitri with Artiom and Adam. Starting on 25th afternoon, snow fell till late evening of 28th  of May. Mountains became beautiful… but very dangerous. Was just stupid idea to continue ascents, to rush the fortune of course. Game was over – we understood it correctly.
On the way back it was difficult to pass upper part of valley because of deep snow. Just below the 4200-m line we got a solid terrain for feet. Every colors were blight and pleasant after the month in altitude area. I felt as a breath of Life. In first villages markets rises, and Taplejung was full of bananas with apples.
As gave information our friend Rodolphe Popier – there is many ascents from The North Face of Kanchenjunga earlier. 44 climbers in 13 reaching goals. The last one summated twelve years ago – in 2002 Dan Mazur expedition. Fortunately I stood on the top of Kanchenjunga in that spring at the first time. Now… for me happened adventure by the steps of very positive and respectable mountaineer Juanito Oairzabal. He did it twice – from South and North actually.
Just now four members are in Katmandu. Alex Txicon is in Basque country for the medical reason only. Is so funny period here - we meet some of good climbers and spend a parties. On 06th of June our team plan to leave Himalayas for the next interesting project. And wish good luck adventurers on the way to summits – not in alpinism only… but on the every kind of human positive actions!

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