some news from our expedition

Ciao. Here are some news from our expedition. The Simone's client Aldo fell ill and on 04.05.2010 left the Base Camp on board of a helicopter. He decided to abort the project and go home. Now our friend is in Italy, save and safe. Simone and I are still in Khumbu and we will try to acclimatize till 8000 on South Col. My dream was to go up to Everest with supplementary oxygen. Just once, to try how it is :) But... our plans have changed again. Both of us will try to open a new route on Lhotse. This season gives me a magic choice: I can do whatever I want, because I have enough experience and also the permissions both for Everest and Lhotse. We spent some days on a moren in a good company of other expeditions. We had especially good time in Benegas Camp with Argentinean mate and food. Thanks a lot. Upon the arrangement of all the issues of the commercial expedition, we can continue to work on our own tasks. Simone feels good, me as well and tomorrow we'll leave BC up. Please wish us good luck :) Denis