Just details of spring.

Magic valley Valcanale is getting strong rows of sun. Snow line is moving up... day by day. But still promice some interesting mixed routes on summits Secco, Fop, Arrera and CornaPiana.
One firend Massimo from Valcanale Team gave me to see one copy of small guide-book about moutanis around.
As soon as possible I printed one copy for my self. Is interesting to confirm there some logical ways, that I amazed also.
My platform for alpine ascents is almost ready... Ectually the Base was ready since half year - thanks for friend Nicolay Bodiagin (Tomin Khleb, Ryazan)
but cover and acsessuars I am doing by my self.
With help of Ennio Spiranelli (Grande Grimpe) and Efrem Gianola (CAMP). Is nice to see the ideas, constructing to the interesting shape step by step. It will help in future, hopefully.
What can to help more? Climbing level need to be pushing more. For this I am following diet and technic rules... some time not enough successfully because of too many miracles of the Italian kitchen.
But Is nice to see friends, going by the sportive ambitions way also. In Crymea are good new - Vera Rogovaja fight in competition of the mountaineering Chempionship, and took bright award.
From Spain is positive condition of Maria's Cardell trainings. She catch the level of 7b successfully without doubts.
Ah! Ladies are inspiring. Means that I need to train hardly - every day.
Because my level is just 6c now... not more. And is important to remember about rocks, indoor walls, campus, fence...
Bergamo give a lot of possibilities. Something as a Mountaineering Paradize. But Cultural center of Brescia is interesting not less.
I explored this magic views just now. And would like to spend time enjoing the Spring fully. With presentations, in metings with good friends and climbing.


  1. Denis and Tomek in the background... this photo has something magic for me.
    Take care on yourself, Denis :). /Jo

  2. Yes. Am in attention... But pleasant "in extremal style" life taking risk in any case. thanks for warry about me. I am following rules of Topolino-survival


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