I like trainings. Is a normal condition for mountaineer - to spend exersizes in mountains. And to join friends, who have same interests.
On 25 February our team reached the summit of MtBianco.
Weather was perfect, phisical condition of members also, emotions were positive. We joined for the trip just few days ago. Just to get and share expirience of the Highest European peak in Winter.
At the evening we descended to Tete Rousse refuge, and continiued way down in the morning of 26 February. Everything was passing well, we went down to the Nid d'Aigle (2380m) and continued by the trail. With pleasant relation about bright day and successull winter ascent.
Unfortunatelly one of us, the youngest and strongest man did fatal mistake. Rushed too quickly and not accurately by the easy terrace. Just in few meters close to the final destination he did lost coordination... And slide by the short snow part. Than - 300 m of rocky bastion.
French rescuers arrived by helicopter and took the body from the valley. Captured me from the trail. And few minutes later we arrived to Chamonix.
Is strange spring coming. I am destroyed by the accident of good friend. Very strong, positive. Is impossible to believe about his death, than he never will shake my hand passionately.
I will miss him strongly.


  1. Примите мои искренние соболезнования Денис.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that mr, Denis. it's so sad..

    But, please i want ask you something.
    The winter later you and Adam rescue Elisabeth Revol in Nanga Parbat. And now you must be know Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi missing on Mummery Spur, it was 6 days since they comunicate to basecamp. How do you think about mr Denis..?

    Thank you so much..

  3. Very big hug Dennis!!! Sad news...

  4. Очень грустно. Соболезнования


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